BSidesKC Security Conference | April 20-21, 2018 | Cerner Innovations Campus, KC, MO

Getting Started with Bug Bounties

Friday 1:30-3:15
**All Proceeds go to CTF prizes!
In this workshop you will be introduced to bug bounties, a command-line xss scanner, and the ease of finding cross-site scripting bugs in websites.

Course Learning Objectives:

  1. What are bug bounties
  2. What is XSS
  3. How to submit discovered bugs

Course Prerequisites:

Basic security experience and familiarity with common security terminology is recommended. The course assumes students will have little or no experience working with bug bounties and xss.

Student Requirements (to participate in hands on):

  1. A laptop w/python2, preferably running Kali or a Kali-VM
  2. Kali Linux native or in a VM using Virtualbox, VMware or similar hypervisor.
  3. Software: python(2), git, pip.

*May need additional libraries depending on OS. libxml2 libxslt zlib libffi openssl (sometimes libssl-dev)

**You may pre-install the tool we will be using here


Ryan Preston 

Ryan is pentester and the Assessments Lead @depthsecurity. #hack2learn #hack2earn