BSidesKC Security Conference | April 20-21, 2018 | Cerner Innovations Campus, KC, MO

Capture The Flag

Thanks to the team at Depth Security for designing and hosting the CTF this year!



BsidesKC will be holding its first CTF competition this year! The CTF challenge layout will be presented in the form of a nostalgic MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) platform created specifically for the event. Contestants will move throughout the world, finding challenges to complete and gaining gear. Inside the world, players will be able to talk to each other and progress throughout the game together, if they’d like. The scoreboard will be in the form of a leaderboard, which can be viewed in-game at any time.

Challenge Categories

The CTF will have various categories of challenges. You’ll have a mix of the following: Web, Red Team, Forensics, Reverse Engineering, Exploitation, Crypto, and Miscellaneous.

We plan to include a full 5 step attack simulation for the Red Team challenges. Players will mimic an actual attacker, going from initial foothold to Domain Administrator in the network.

Challenge difficulty

We want everyone playing to be able to progress throughout the world and see all it has to offer. Even if you aren’t an expert in the above topics, you will be able to solve the challenges with some research.


1st: Cash prize* and more!
* Some of the proceeds from Friday's Bug Bounty workshop.

2nd: TBD something good, but not as good as 1st.

3rd: TBD something decent.


April 21st (probably start whenever doors open)


Just a laptop! To connect to our CTF MUD world, you simply need to telnet to our server and start your journey.