BSidesKC Security Conference | April 20-21, 2018 | Cerner Innovations Campus, KC, MO

Lockpick Village

Join Augusta Locksports and TOOOL (The Open Organization of Lockpickers) to learn all about physical security, sport picking, and non-destructive entry techniques.  And, they are also bringing lock pick sets to sell!


Augusta Locksports

Augusta Locksports is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational group, dedicated to increasing the knowledge of physical security by educating and training how physical barriers to entry operate, are constructed, and can be bypassed.

Augusta Locksports & BSidesKC does not condone the use of lockpicking for illegal use. We only pick locks that we own and locks that are not in use. Any lockpicking done on locks that are in use are done with the permission of the owner at the risk of breaking the lock.



The mission of the Open Organisation Of Lockpickers is to advance the general public knowledge about locks and lockpicking. By examining locks, safes, and other such hardware and by publicly discussing our findings we hope to strip away the mystery with which so many of these products are imbued.

The more that people know about lock technology, the better they are capable of understanding how and where certain weaknesses are present. This makes them well-equipped to participate in sportpicking endeavors and also helps them simply be better consumers in the marketplace, making decisions based on sound fact and research.