BSidesKC Security Conference | April 20-21, 2018 | Cerner Innovations Campus, KC, MO


Volunteers help make BSidesKC great!

Volunteers are what makes these events possible. Please email sign up using the form below and we'll be in contact as volunteers are selected.

Thanks to all those that reached out and that are giving back to the community!

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For your education, here are some brief descriptions of typical volunteer & safety operations:

Volunteer Ops:

Set-up: Assist where needed. Put out signage, set-up breakfast, make sure chairs are set for sessions. Help-out where needed. Take initiative.

Registration: Check-in participants using the Eventbrite app on your phone, tablet or laptop. Hand out a swag bags, t-shirt size, lunch ticket. Check ID and hand out wristband for adult beverages.

Speaker Liaison: Greet the speakers as they arrive, make sure they know what room/time they're presenting. Ensure they have any extraneous gear for their presentation. Do we have the adaptors they need to hook their laptop up to the projector? If not, source them internally and if we don't have them, inform the Gear Room with enough time that we can fix it. Make sure you have contact info for the speaker and ask that they meet you 10 min. before their talk, to assure they're on-site and ready. Escort them to their room 5 min before their talk and make sure their laptop is properly connecting to the projector and their presentation is working. Make sure the Microphone is working and the levels are right and they can be heard in the back of the room. Wait 5 min into their presentation to make sure it gets started smoothly - or fix it - and then lather, rinse, repeat for the next speaker for that track.

Room Host: Make between track announcements, thanking sponsors, volunteers, participants, leading the audience in a round of applause. Make lost and found announcements, foodservice, after party plans. Ask folks to pick-up two pieces of trash as they leave. Introduce the speaker/talk and take headcounts beginning, middle, end of each talk and record audience reaction. (Fill in sheets provided- MAKE SURE YOU RETURN SHEETS TO REG DESK AT THE END OF YOUR SHIFT) Assist A/V if needed and monitor sound board for feedback/levels. Give 10, 5, 2 minute & STOP warnings to speakers. Publically thank speaker at the end of their talk, leading audience in another round of applause.

Runner: Hang around and make yourself available in case we need you to run for something. Car prefered, but not required, if you can drive a manual transmission (stick).

Tear-down: Set-up, but in reverse. Pick-up signage, reset rooms to venue specification, clean-up trash. Help out where needed. Take initiative.

Safety Ops:

Safety Patrol: Keep an eye on things and people. Check for badges, escorting anyone without proper credentials out of restricted areas, or to Registration to get it sorted. If someone gets too drunk, get them some air and water and a bucket. If someone gets too rowdy or disruptive, get them outside the event space until they calm down/chill-out. If they're getting confrontational, get another SP body, get them outside the event space and one of you watch them while the other gets someone on Staff to mediate or determine course of action. If anyone gets handsy, fresh, rude with another participant, staff, volunteer, venue employee, get Staff and we’ll deal with them. Watch for trip hazards, trash, empty cups. Keep walkways clear, clean cups/trash off the floor and tables and into a trashcan. Assist the Room Monitors in cleaning trash out from under seats/sitting areas, in between talks. Keep an eye out for misplaced/lost/forgotten items and bring them to Reg Desk.

Access Control: Check to ensure folks have the proper credentialing to enter the venue, Staff/Speaker only areas, etc. Direct them to Registration if they don’t. Inform Safety Patrol if you have someone wandering without credentials so they can escort them to Reg.

Party Patrol: Keep an eye open for anyone that has had “too much fun” keep area clean, picking up trash, abandoned cups.

BSidesKC Code of Conduct

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